Made With Fingertips

Made With Fingertips

Budge It

Give your budget a push with Budge It. Budge It helps you organize your expenses and save up for your goals. Budge It uses envelope budgeting to organize your expenses and goals. Budge It will automatically fund your expenses and goals after a paycheck, at the beginning of each month, or any other time you choose.

  • Spendable Balance - Know how much of your balance is actually yours and avoid not having enough for your expenses and goals.
  • Expenses - Utilities, rent, and subscriptions are your expenses. Budge It will help you rest easy knowing they're taken care of.
  • Goals - Whether you're going on vacation this summer or waiting for an upcoming release, a goal will help you save in time.
  • Funding Schedules - A funding schedule tells Budge It how often to organize your money. Often a funding schedule occurs on a payday.
  • Auto-spend Expenses - Budge It can automatically spend out of an expense when it is withdrawn from your account.
  • Sync - Never lose your expenses and goals with nightly synced backups.
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Wallpaper Addict

Wallpaper Addict is an unofficial app for

  • Browse a growing collection of hundreds of thousands of wallpapers
  • Filter by General, Anime, and People
  • Search by keyword, tag, color, category, resolution, and ratio
  • Save wallpapers to your phone
  • Share wallpapers
  • Bookmark your favorite wallpapers
  • Bookmark rotation will change your wallpaper over time
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Dynamic Display

With Dynamic Display, you can have your phone use a different refresh rate for any app.

App and setup instructions available on GitHub

Turnip Exchange Sort

Tired of searching through all the islands on for the ones with the highest prices? With a press of a button, you can find the best turnip prices in a fraction of the time! Simply go to the islands list on, click the turnip icon in your extensions, and click sort. Now the islands are sorted by turnip price!

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